Traci Patterson, CH, CI

Clinical Hypnotist, Instructor, and Public Speaker in Irvine, California

Traci Patterson, Founder and Director of Advanced Pathways Hypnosis. Certified Instructor, Clinical Hypnotist, keynote/motivational speaker, writer, and patient advocate.

As an expert in CRPS and chronic pain, Traci is providing individuals with hope. Her protocol, HCT (Hypnosis Combined Therapy) is helping chronic pain patients regain their lives. This includes dramatically decreasing pain [many are gaining remission], increasing restorative sleep, decreasing/controlling stress, anxiety and/or PTSD, and helping patients to regain their lives.

Traci has a dynamic background from a perspective that few if any other practitioner, Clinical Hypnotist, or Instructor can offer. Her background as a chronic pain patient diagnosed with CRPS, someone that was treated with/utilized hypnosis to get into remission, and is now herself a Clinical Hypnotist and Instructor is rare. She has patients that contact her on a worldwide basis seeking help for their chronic pain.

Traci is well known within the chronic pain and CRPS community as a patient advocate. She is an Ambassador with the US Pain Foundation and a Delegate with the International Pain Foundation on a volunteer basis, and is very passionate about ensuring the chronic pain community is not left behind.

Traci consults with physicians and clinics as a, ‘Patient Expert’, on CRPS/RSD, chronic pain and PTSD on an international basis. She is also known as, ‘The CRPS Hypnotist’.

There are over 100 million patients in the US alone that have been diagnosed with some form of chronic pain. Of those 4 out of 10 with moderate to severe pain do not get adequate relief with Traditional Medicine. More needs to be done to get the word out about alternative treatment options for CRPS/RSD, Fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, chronic pain, chronic headaches/migraines, cancer pain, PTSD, etc. Traci has put together protocols that are allowing chronic pain patients and veterans to regain their lives. This is more than just hypnosis - it is Hypnosis Combined Therapy (HCT)!

Traci will have a book about her journey with CRPS coming out in 2017 along with a table top book for pain patients. Keep your eyes open for them!

If you would like more information about HCT (Hypnosis Combined Therapy), Traci's journey with CRPS, possible treatment options for you or a loved one, or you are in need of a Motivational Speaker at an upcoming event, contact us today!

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